Curiosities of the month #4 -February 2017

Here we go again with a wonderful selection of tech curiosities. If you want to have something interesting to say tomorrow to anyone you’ll meet, here is your luck !

Games to explain economy

Do you know Blockchain and bitcoin ? Those economic and financial phenomenon can be hard to understand and even more to explain. That’s why a New Zealander artist decided to use famous games like Risk or Pokemon to explain them in an artistic way. Indeed, this idea has been made reality in a new-yorker gallery.


Transform your smartphone into a microscope

This idea comes from a 16 years old French teenager and won an innovation award ! He created a smatphone shell that enables you to transform your phone into a real microscope, entitled VOIR (« see » in english). For the ones who love to go deeply into things 🙂


A teaching guitar

It can look like a toy, with all its colors but this guitar is a real teacher. FRETX is a French startup which created an easy to go guitar. Now, you just need to follow the lights to know how to play this or that song. What a real guitarist would think ??

En savoir plus

Kissing through the smartphone

Those who already experienced a long distance relationship might be interested. This is a smartphone accessory to be able to kiss your loved one even if he/she is on the other side of the planet.

Immersive bedtime story

This is the perfect way to tell bedtime stories to your children. A projector connected to your smartphone projects imagery on the nearby wall. Children imagination can go freely and let the sleep come…


Automatic car-tube

We can’t bear vehicles in the city anymore ! People want to breathe a healthy air. This is the futuristic idea that is going to make it happen : an underground car-tube. This is more than just a tunnel because this one would be an automatic tube : just enter and choose your destination, you’ll drive at the sortance… The problem ? This is only for electric cars.

Air purifyer plant

The Eco Pochi is the sweetest and cutest thing ever ! Have a look at this Bamboo Charcoal plant, so kawaï ! In addition to being so cute and well designed, this small plant is able to purify the air. What do you need to do ? Just give it enough water to make the process run smoothly. What would you like more ?




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