Curiosities of the month #3 – July 2016

July has brought new ideas ! Let’s discover innovations, technologies and curiosities which are going to blow your mind !

Disconnect when you were those shoes

Thanks to a Bluetooth connexion inside its leather, those shoes can disconnect you to help you socialise. So now, when you’re with your lover / familly / best friend, your shoes just stop your phone from interrupting that precious moment. This is a new way of experiencing the digital detox.


Lighting the floor with its own energy

This is a mexican idea : a polymer luminescent ciment which enlighten at night. Isn’t it wonderful ? The principle is the same as photovoltaic system. The road accumulates the light all day long and gives it back at night. Just so beautiful !


A new thinkingof an umbrella

No hessian, no wale, this umbrella is just unique. Forget the wind turnaround, this would never happen again with this new kind of umbrella. So how does it work ? It is very simple : Air Umbrella prevent the rain from touching you thanks to a continous blast of air.


Reducing obesity with a simple plate

AbsorbPlate just take away the fat from your meal or more precisely it keeps it imprisoned the fat within the plate. Designed for Thailand, it could benefit so many countries !


Become the waffle superhero

This waffle cooker is just perfect for children… or just adults who remain children in their mind and we know, we are so many 😉


Make the sign language talk

A French ingeneer student created a glove that makes the gestures of sign language becoming words and sounds. The glove and his numerous sensors are connected to a mobile app which analyse the movements to translate them in French. Finally, a synthesis voice creates the words. Isn’t it a great idea ?



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