Talking Bones : torture on vinyls

Talking Bones is the new campaign of the Dignity Institute (Danish association). The originality ? Recording torture testimonials directly on x-ray.

Raising awareness, a hard job

Torture seems so far away to most of us. We have the chance to live in a place where torture is illegal, even if, sometimes, some cases appear. In France, 125000 victims of torture or political assault have found shelter. But still, no government law takes care of them. That’s why the Dignity Institute wanted to force people to open their eyes and see what is happening.

To be honest, it’s the concept that made me write this article. Because it is new, fresh, different… In a word, it is original.

Talking Bones 1

To make the torture even more real, the Parisian agency, Grey Paris, decided to record testimonials of victims directly on their x-rays. Thanks to this, their injuries and stories couldn’t be more real.

Talking Bones

Of course, you can think of the TV serie Bones or not, but the campaign perfectly wears its name ! After Doctors without borders, this is another humanitarian cause that I decided to introduce. As I already said, NGO and associations aren’t the last ones when we talk about creativity and marketing ideas. Talking Bones is a great example.

The concept is here : the radiography is relating the story of its owner. Used like vinyles, on a record player, they make the tale more harrowing. And with the acoustic of this way of recording, it conveys perfectly all emotions in the voices…

FR version

How did they succeed ?

The method used is quite easy. At least, it isn’t new. Grey Paris used an old URSS technic. In the 50’s, when American music was censored, young Russian music lovers found a way to listen to it : they went through hospital bins to find x-rays and they burnt American music on it with a specific instrument. That was the beginning of music pirating 😉

Talking Bones 3

Dignity Institute used the exact same method. But with our new radiography, which are thinner than the old Russian ones, it wasn’t that easy. They had to ask a specialist at Lathecuts records, in Arizona (USA). After many trials, they succeeded in recording the testimonials with a sound acceptable.

The action plan

In France, the agency sent some vinyls to influencers to make them talk about the campaign. A simple record player (33 turns) suffices to make the sound out. And we all know that vinyls are back as people want to get back to their roots with all vintage fashion around… It only can be a success.

In Denmark, mother country of the association, a big event is planed in June 2016 to make people listen to these testimonials in live.

Talking Bones 4

A website is dedicated to the marketing action. You can listen to the three testimonials directly on the website, without having a record-player. And also, you can discover the full process to make it happen. Nothing more, that’s a bit disappointing. We would have enjoyed a video with people listening to it and their reaction, more content about the « why » of Talking Bones, maybe a world overview of key numbers, or even a script of the testimonials (for disable people for example)…

It remains a small plan but they count on the word of mouth to make it grow. So share the campaign !

 So what do you think ?




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