Curiosities of the month – Feb 2016

Here we are ! Our new category ! After the infography, I leave you with our curiosities : digital, advertising, high-tech, retail, art, life style and anything else. Every news that caught my eyes… I won’t be able to present you this selection every month but this is a new « rendez-vous » between you and TNC 😉

New supermarket concepts

We begin with supermarkets. Nowadays, they’re suffering as any other store so they have to find a way to adapt. Sometimes, they end by changing their position, their way to see market places or add a new mission to their providing task.

First, there are the ones which create universes according to product areas. This one is located in China and has imagined 5 different universes and personalities for each area : wine, fresh products, butchery, fish and foreign products. This is a way to provide a great customer experience by making them feel upgraded, in a supermarket of quality.

store 2 store1

And there are the one, Whole Foods, which invest to welcome shoppers as kings and queens by providing lots of services and extras you don’t usually see in supermarkets. This one, in Austin, shelters a playground, an adult gaming space, bike repair stations and a selection of rocking chairs.


This other one decided to bet on children and designed its whole store for them.

Dual screen smartphones et finger prints

We know smartphones that can be handed either up or down : the screen turn over itself. But do you know smartphones you can hand both from heads or tails ? These new smartphones (Siam 7X – only in USA) have dual screen. Apparently, it was designed for people who read a lot on screen. The second one uses less power than the main one. While reading on the second, you save your battery. Anyway, I don’t really see the point, even more when you drop your phone several times a day like me !

dual screen smartphone siam 7x

The other novelty is the fingerprint security. We don’t stop talking about data security and smartphones are now containing all of our lives, so it’s getting even more essential. Companies try to find new ways to secure access to our smartphone and all data we store. That’s how fingerprints came by. Moreover, this technology, used by the last Meizu Pro 5 (China), would be able to improve the flow of your interactions with the phone. What’s your opinion?

fingerprint security data china meizu pro 5

Charging your phone with noise around

We all run out of gas one day or another and don’t always have our charger (even if we should). Here come the processor that changes your life ! Now, thanks to Microsoft engineers, you can charge your phone with the ambient sound around you. Isn’t that perfect to recharge your phone with the noise made by the concert you’re attending ? Know that the processor isn’t marketable yet, so, just be prepared.

Your moving home in a container

I don’t know if you’ve already seen this but some cities have created homes (most of the time for students) with containers. Piles up like Legos, containers were insulated and well-furnished to provide decent homes at low cost. But now, people have imagined the same thing but with the possibility to move the container and place it somewhere else (somewhere fitting the criteria), maybe for holidays ? Know more about the Kasita project.

Vegetable toys

This is a perfect way to amuse children with less expense. With the Open Toys project, use vegetables to create new toys. Some elements are 3D printed and can transform any carrot or potato into helicopter or submarine ! The most important advantage is there aren’t any suspect component, these toys are 100% natural and they can be eaten ! But I see you coming and I agree, this is a bad thing to play with food 😉

Depolluating bikini

Yes, being green, it’s so sexy ! Californian searchers have found how to create depolluting swimming suits. The sponge suit‘s component, the saccharose, feeds with all pollutants you can find in the sea and absorbs it.
SPONGESUIT_bikini dépolluant depolluting

An alarm clock that don’t wake your lover

This is just a revolution ! This clock alarm, you fix on the wall, has the capacity to detect, via body temperature, who is who in the bed. It just focus on the person that needs to be waken up and direct its light only on that particular person. This in the end of being waken up because your lover has a very early meeting ! WAKĒ is the couple life revolution 😉

And this is the end of our curiosities / news for this month. What do you think of our new category ? Have you learn some things ?



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