Uniqlo creates an immersive experience in Chicago’s metro

We don’t know the Japanese brand Uniqlo for its street marketing strategy. Anyway, it seems that they initiated the movement. Lately, in Chicago, the brand decided to celebrate its new opening store directly in the subway.

Design for commuters

Uniqlo offered a real experience to all people taking transit trains. And it has to be said, the brand is the first to ever get the permission to invest these trains that way.

uniglo from tokyo to chicago street marketing opening store

For this occasion, the brand prepared a serie of events to plunge the consumers in immersive experiences. Uniqlo organised 5 trains’ parties. After boarding, people could join Uniqlo for an exclusive party dance. Each session included live performances from DJs and dancers, games, giveaways and, of course, the latest Uniqlo product ranges.

Uniqlo choose experiential marketing

Of course, the goal of the action was to inform Chicagoans about the new store opening. Seeing Uniqlo logo everywhere must have done it well. The brand wanted to bring its clothes directly to people where it won’t disturb them, when they have time for it. During their way to work, it’s the perfect time because most of people have nothing else to do than wait or read a book. Uniqlo made them use that waiting time by discovering their range and testing it, touching it… Most of them must have wanted to go further by putting a feet in the new store right away.

uniglo from tokyo to chicago street marketing opening store

Another point is the experiential side of the action. As we love to write on TNC, experiencing a brand is the key to keep that brand in mind in a positive way and for a long long time. That’s why lots of brands have chosen street marketing and the experiential point of view. That way, brands can propose unique experiences. Funny, touching or scary, whichever the brand want to offer, people won’t forget it. Because, we know it, experiential marketing involves emotions and emotions are the warranty to memorization. In the advertising world, it’s the Grail 😉

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