The best mobile applications to start your digital detox

We all need, one day or another, to disconnect from all our digital devices. We keep on telling everyday how digital and technologies had taken over our lives. We already talk about that is this article. But today, I found, for you, some mobile app to help you take a break (and not only with kit kat).

Mobile Apps which stop notifications

The easiest way to detoxify yourself is to start by stopping to use your phone each time you get a notifications.. That’s why most of digital detox apps disable notifications from social media, keeping your phone quiet most of the time. Obviously, it still ring for a sms or a call 😉

I found some on windows phone but can’t tell about the efficiency or the reliability. We still live in an android and apple mobile world...

  • Off Time

German app, Off Time, allows you to stop notifications of calls, text messages and other applications for a determined while. When you receive a call or a text, your phone send automatically a friendly answer indicating when you’ll be available.  It can also block your access to some apps. At the end of this « off time », you have a summary of what happens during your absence.


This app also shows you how you use your phone : which app is taking most of your time, who do you interact the most with … A score system challenges you to disconnect a bit more everyday.

Only available for Android
  • My Time


Combo between SwissCom and OffTime (yes, the first of this list), mytime is based on offtime and nearly have the same features. At the end of your disconnection time, you’ll get a summary of what happens, exactly life offtime. So what’s more ? You can choose who you’ll take calls from and who you’ll block. For example, you can accept calls from your lover and avoid those from your boss 😉

Unlike Flipd, your phone is still a smartphone and you can use it. It just decreases the distractions and helps you focus on your work.

Only available for Android
  • Flipd

This one helps you taking control over your smartphone at a distance away. Actually, its main purpose is to lock your phone for a moment. You won’t have access to it but you can receive calls and texts and still make an emergency call. But once launched, you can’t go back : your phone is locked for the time you chose.

The time you spend off makes you gain some reductions, vouchers and other offers from partners. It is a way to award your dedication to disconnection 😉


Once again, only available for Android
  • Digital Detox

This is the extreme app. You just block your phone for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, one day or more. During this time, except emergency calls, you can’t do anything with your phone. You’re back to the 90’s without communication means. At least, without mobile phone. Because If you have a computer, you can still have access to the world wide web on it. Don’t be so afraid !


But beware to use the app at a time you won’t really need your phone.

Android only too

Disconnect and see the forest growing

This is my favourite app. Because it’s funny, it’s playful, it encourages you to disconnected and because the design is great !


The mobile app Forest is built like a social game. You won’t be addict to it and play with it all day because it is not the goal. But, the more you disconnect (and don’t touch your phone), the more you see a seed growing and becoming a tree. You can choose to let it die by using your phone or you can decide to let it grow and be proud of yourself !

You choose to plant as many trees as you want. Of course, the deal is to disconnect : one tree for 30 minutes, 2 trees for 1 hour, 4 for 4 hours… The tree grows if you respect the deal and it dies if you don’t. At the end of the day, you can check on your forest (hence the name of the app). Day by day, you can follow your activity and your progression. If you failed, you’ll get a haunted forest 😉

forest app digital detox

It’s a promising app which still needs to be more social : seeing what your friends did, stopping the calls to be more efficient, motivate yourself step by step : 10 trees, you get an award or a baobab (the king of trees)…

For once, available on every device even Chrome !


If you are a member of the Apple community (we all know they’re part of another world :D), you can disconnected without downloading anything. You have in your perfect phone, a tool which can help you doing it.

apple do not disturb tool

The « do not disturb » tool, in your settings, is easy to use. Just indicate the time during when you want to be free, free of calls, of notifications, of texts… and that’s it. You will be able to focus on your job (or anything else, like burying yourself in the eyes of your lover or enjoying time with your family) for this determined moment or just sleep without any disruption. It’s like putting your phone on the silent mode, nothing more.


Focus Lock is a free app which helps you block social media during a while. Thus, if you want to still be available but not disturbed by Facebook or Twitter news, you can disconnect this way. It is another way of cutting yourself from the web and its addictive social life, focus on your real life, your closest relations. Face the FOMO (fear of missing out) and let go for a moment.


Android only

So, ready to disconnect ?



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