International Kissing Day – The best marketing actions

I already told you about Dayketing. This strategy consists in taking advantage of international thematic days to build your brand content. And today, 6th July, it’s the International Kissing Day (or World Kiss Day) so let’s celebrate 😉


Brand content is now what brands are fighting for. As I use to say, brands have now to entertain their audience, to federate them and talk to them about something else that the product itself. Producing content to take care of your community is brand content.

Lots of brands do it very well. Some, like Nutella, excel in storytelling. Some, like Oasis, excel in entertainment. Others, just try to take advantage of all actuality. In that last part, dayketing is a nearly endless source of content. Just have a look and you’ll see that nearly everyday is an international or world day, without mentioning your own country’s day.

Of course, not everyday day can fit your brand, its values or brand territory but still, there’s nearly every week something to help you getting your audience engaged. And today, 6th July, is the one we choose. I won’t talk about kissing TNC or where each member had its first kiss but I selected for you some of the best ads and marketing actions around love. So let’s share a bit of happiness and love here !

Best ads using love or kiss

First Kiss

You might remember the buzz around this video. They asked complete strangers to kiss for the first time. It is Wren, a women fashion brand, who order it to Tatia Pilieva, film maker. At everyone’s surprise, they kissed with passion and the video was shared millions times around the world. It’s time to remember it or, if you haven’t seen it yet, to catch up.

PS : Soko was revealed by this video 😉 Here’s some other « first kiss » videos.

Coca-cola compares its new life coke to first kiss

This spot is wonderful, as Coca-Cola knows how to do it. Once again, the brand used emotions to put its message across. It makes people remember their first kiss with touching moments and a touching music. And to finish, the baseline : Coca-Cola Life is new like your first kiss 😉

Stupidity of love by mentos

I don’t know if this ad is lovely or totally stupid but anyway, I think you need to see it 😉 Actually Mentos shows the stupidity of love by materializing lovers silly ideas or thoughts. You know ? What you think when you’re blowing a kiss at your lover, acting like you’re sending flowers in the air ? Watch the video to see how badly it can end !

My favourite : DHL delivers whatever

This Korean ad is just perfect. When I selected the best ads in this article, I found a great Thaï spot with beautiful emotions, particularly hope. I think we do not give enough credits to Asian ads. This Korean one is nothing else but humor. It must be because of the brand, DHL, which likes not to be taken seriously and knows how to make fun of itself and competitors. It just worth it, so please watch !

And if you’re left a bit hungry for more, here are some others. The first video is how Findus can make young women choose fish over kissing her boyfriend. The other is out of sync compares to the institution who delivers the message, the army.

Best love marketing actions


Most of the time, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for brand to use actuality and take advantage of it. I selected 3 print (posters) from last Valentines’s Day which are well-chosen.

hnk_valentines print_wilkinson_an bouquet-final_aotw

Stunt, street marketing and experiential actions

There are so many actions around love but some are really worth the journey ! I decided to present you four of the best I’ve seen lately.


Let’s begin with the biggest one. Coca-Cola, with its universe full of happiness, never miss an occasion to make its brand universe grow. And as for many people happiness and love are strongly linked, Coca-Cola usually use it. So as in its commercial for Coca-Cola Life, here there’s emotions on the foreground.

The idea ? A vending machine which only illuminates in front of couples, ask their surnames and then shows them a short film about love. After, of course, lovers can go with coke cans at their names.


For Valentine’s Day, Durex (always present when love’s around) created the love bot. Modeled on search engines and robots, the love bot had one mission : to bring broken hearts closer and, if affinity shows up, create new couples. How did it work ? Lots of people express their break up by broken heart’s emoticons on Twitter. The bot matches 2 similar emoticons and made people know they both need comfort. And it’s still working : try the love bot.


The announcement of the end of love padlocks of the Pont des Arts in Paris, people get so disappointed. Orange decided to take advantage of it and found a way to make them last [forever]. Thus, Relock Love appeared. Orange (a young student to be precise) took 40 000 pictures of padlocks before they were taken away. On the web, you can now visit the bridge as before, step by step, remember where you put it years ago and find again yours. You can also put a new but a digital one this time 😉

Ad Council in USA

The last one is both touching and engaged. To show the universality of love, the  Ad Council imagined the campaign « Love has no Labels« . A giant screen show skeletons kissing. But it is not a video, it a real scene happening. Thanks to X rays, the association showed that love is not a matter of sex, nationality or handicap but it is only feelings. Indeed, the screen revealed homosexual couples, diversity couples, handicapped or elderly people. A great actions that succeeded in bringing together (by finances) brands sometimes in competition 😉

If you need some more (we never have too much love), here are some other actions :

Love and break-up

And to finish, because love is break-up too, an advertising agency in the USA decided to create an app which helps you to destroy your ex picture virtually. People had to share the photo on instragram or twitter with the hashtag #shredyourex and they could see the picture being crush by virtual shredder to end into ashes in the fireplace. Simple, fun, maybe useful, I am sure lots of girls anti Valentine’s Day parties ended up like that !

And you, some videos / ads with love to share ?




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