Organic : marketing fight or real need?

organic CanadeYou must have already noticed that. « Organic » is everywhere: organic food, organic cosmetics, organic clothes and even organic tobacco. The trend is to go back to natural products and celebrate the Nature. But when marketing gets in, is it still pure and natural or does it change its essential features? I’m not really into this organic trend but this is a fact. People want more proximity, more transparency and trust from the brands. They want healthy products and they don’t trust as easily as before. Thanks to medias, all retailer problems had been exposed in newspaper and people are now more cautious. That does explain the huge success of organic products.

Food is the first item we think about when talking about organic. No pesticides, no rude selection to fit the standard ; in sum, more natural food. That’s the promise. The trend took advantages of all healthy campaigns from government to fight against obesity. Eating more vegetables, practicing sports, less salt, less sugar… This entire « eat better » thing is in total harmony with organic food. If we try to eat better, we can eat healthier at the same time. That’s how supermarkets, after selling organic brands, started to build their own organic range. And the lines are getting bigger and bigger. The biggest UK brand for organic food is Yeo Valley. For years now, they use advertising to make organic products look sexier and funnier. To reach their goal, they integrate a lot of music in their adverts, like this one with the X-factor‘s winners singing the brand.

Most of all, the « baby food » range is the most successful. Of course, parents want the best for their children. We even saw Mc Donald, the fast food brand, introducing organic food in its Happy Meal, proof of its victory. Talking about children, Heinz launched an organic Ketchup several years ago and used children in the ad with an old effect on photos which can remind of old times when everything we ate was natural… And now, the brand is selling a whole range of organic food for babies!

Organic Hienz Ketchup Ad

We can see now, supporting this, some government campaigns to promote organic food in particular and not only vegetables and sports. For instance, UK’s government launched its « Why I Love Organic » campaign which personalises vegetables and animals in order to encourage people to buy organic products instead of industrial ones.

UK's ads for organic food

« Why I Love Organic » campaign

UK's ads for organic food

But the trend is not only for food. We have seen organic cosmetics appear. With natural ingredients, these cosmetics brands surf on the organic trend and it works. Obviously, cosmetics, like food, get into our organism and having natural products collect ourselves. And some brands play on our fears to show us the interest of organic products. See by yourself, Byo’s ads:

Byo's Ad for Body Milk

Byo's Ad for organic face cream

And you, what do you think about the organic trend? Do you think it’s important? Do you trust the brands? Do you think everybody can buy these products without being an expert?



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