XPlore, total immersion for brand content

Geo, French travel and photography magazine from Prisma Press Group, innovates by offering a real experience to its readers with Prisma Media Solution. They invitated people to immerse themselves in Iceland but staying on the couch with Xplore !

The marketing Plan

It is a brand action. That is to say, it’s a marketing operation for an advertiser : Issey Miyake, a perfume brand. This company wanted to immerse internet users into the scent of each product. Indeed, Issey Miyake launched 3 different fragrances :

  • Into The Ice, l’Eau d’Issey Homme Sport
  • Into The Night, Nuit d’Issey
  • Into the Water, l’Eau d’Issey


As you can understand from their names, there is a real universe between each product. The brand wanted to created a brand content strategy to advertise them. So they elaborated with Prisma and Digital Immersion, a video production company, 3 scenarios. One scenario for one scent, one universe, one kind of emotion to share with the user. And more, 3 songs to accompany each video. All this was integrated to the Geo march’s edition which had a special focus on Iceland. Actually, videos were shot in this country.

The Experience

So I have tested the whole thing. You can go to the website Xplore or see the videos on your tablet / smartphone by downloading the app. I chose the second option (simply because I haven’t a tablet). Fortunately, I had a wonderful cardboard to try it on. It’s very easy : you place the smartphone on the front, put your eyes in front of the glass and watch the video. The immersion comes from the fact you can move your head and see the scene from a 360° point of view !


Actually they used different cameras to catch all angles. You can see your feet, the sky, aside or behind you. You really are in Iceland at the very moment. The music accompanying the scenery is helping too. As I said for the photos in my Instagram post on Blowarketing is true for music too : emotions lead the way. It is really important, even more in videos. It can change your vision of the same film just by switching music.

My favourite, and I incite you to watch it, is Into The Night. For 2 reasons. First, the song is so beautiful. I suppose it just talked to myself but I found it’s the best over the three (music produced by Bass Drum Dream). Secondly, the show of northern lights (aurora borealis) is just stunning ! Even on a small screen as on a smartphone !

The cons

But I wasn’t so thrilled by the thing. I was a bit disapointed by the cardboard. It is a true good idea but on the practical way, it isn’t working. I had to close an eye to see something. Both eyes open and you’re not seeing anything. Once your smartphone in it, it’s hard to press the play button.


Moreover, the additional information displayed when you click on the small icon are unattainable when you’re using the smartphone. Worse, on full screen, it stops the video. It is a shame because these indications are interesting and may have been better underlined by saying it out loud during the video by a voice-off whispering like a secret experience or something you say to yourself.

I think the idea is great but there is more to do with it. It’s like undone, incomplete… I needed more.

What happens next ?

That is the question. We can logically wonder what will be next. It seems a bit simple to offer this experience and not capitalise on it. But we don’t have any clue for now. I think fans participation is essential to this kind of action. Nonetheless, there’s nothing planed here. Yes, you can share the link and tell what you think about but no more.

I wish there will be some call to action towards consumers. We can think of create different endings or even a real different experience regarding to where the netizen wants to go. I explain myself. You can see everything around you in this app. So we could imagine to enable the person to explore some different ways. If you want to go left, there is another scene and a different end. This has to be consistent with the universe of the perfume of course but  imagination can get you further.


We can even imagine going down the ground and discovering the source of the water or some different place… That would be a real good extension of the first experience created. The brand could also ask its fans to build other ends or even participate to the creation of another fragrance coming with another universe and consequently, a new video where the winner plays the first part.

Another idea would be to allow people to download the music. A really good work has been done on it and its link to the scent and the atmosphere the brand wanted to give to each perfume. Helping people keeping on experiencing would be a good way to link them to the brand emotionally. Finding the perfect title for each song would be also a manner to invite consumers to participate. We can, in another state of mind, imagine the musical agency (Bass Drum Dream) to give some lessons to customers in music creation…

Anyway, there is something to do with it. The idea and the experience is valuable for the brand. Even though, I think the brand itself isn’t enough highlighted. Once you’ve ended the video, you don’t remember which brand it was. I hope Issey Miyake will go further to build a strong brand around that experience.

Talking about the magazine, this a great initiative offered to brands. We can now draw a new era for print advertising where experience is possible. I can’t wait to see what can be done next !

Note that this device has received the Silver Award at the Grand Prix of the 2015 Brand Content in the category Beauty (video created by Digital Immersion, we discovered at the #letebyTVO party). Congratulations !



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