Best street marketing in London in 2014

London is the most active capital when talking about street marketing. Brands and agencies seem to try on new things on British people or they’re just more willing to try something new. Anyway, we’re never disappointed with London. Here are the 6 most creative actions of the past year.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Do you remember the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel ? To advertise its released, Secret Cinema created an original experience. In this hotel, people could plunge into the universe of the movie in addition to watch the movie like in any other cinema. But here, people were dressed like in the film, you could drink and hear the music inspired from the movie ! Thanks to this action, you could litterally be in the movie !

Secret-Cinema_Grand-Budapest-Hotel_Street-Marketing_Londres-3 Secret-Cinema_Grand-Budapest-Hotel_Street-Marketing_Londres-3

This kind of marketing action could be part of a transmedia strategy. We don’t have the information about who asked Secret Cinema to organise this but this could have been integrated in the whole avertising plan. Experience the atmosphere of the movie is what transmedia is about : extend the universe to offer an experience to consumers making them never forget the movie and making it live even years after by fanzine, wiki web site or related videos.

Super Heroes on the Thames

We know it, super heroes are highly valuable these days. For the Disney video game, Disney Infinity, the brand surf the wave and launch an event in London. They projected lots of heroes on London monument walls. Hulk, Thor, SpiderMan, IronMan and al others were supposed to watch and protect a locked case holding the video game.

This action is directed to adventurous people, these who like video games and are dreaming of adventure. That’s why giving them a sort of treasure hunt in real life is a really good idea. They can face their super heroes in real life and live an experience they will remember for long.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Samsung loves its Galaxy Tab and to make everybody else loving it too, they created a wonderful rainbow with St Paul’s Cathedral and The City just behind. The brand used, obviously, its Galaxy Tab and its wonderful resolution to design the rainbow. 150 tablets were necessary to accomplish this action. It lasted 24h and people could try to to win on the tablet but tweeting #midnigtrainbow.

thumb_17499_slideshow_single samsung galaxy tab street marketing thumb_17499_slideshow_single

This kind of even is totally created to generate buzz. Using social media, Samsung wanted people to talk about the galaxy tab, the game they organised to win one of them, the beautiful rainbow. I don’t think it was an entertainment exercise just to put fun into fans’life but a more commercial related action with numerous objectives on it.

Carwash war

When the Formula 1 season is on the edge, an engine oil brand wants to take advantage of it by turning an simple petrol station in a real formula 1 pit-stop. When people came to wash their car, they came face to face with a full team of mechanics ready to wash the car as you’ve never done it.It could have ended here but the brand went further with the arrival of the famous forumla one driver Jenson Button in a formula one car. Stunning !

On the contrary of the former action, this one is obviously entertainment and buzz at the same time. This is not diehard advertising : no mention of the brand, no really related to engine oil but more related to formula one and dreams of spectators.

Augmented Reality and Pepsi to trap consumers

Funny and suprising as Pepsi knows how to do ! This action was directed in London in some bus shelters. With augmented reality, the drinking brand made people believe in alien invasion, crash of a meteore or a tiger coming after them. It is really worth to watch the video !

This is what we call entertainment. No selling objectives : just suprise the consumer and make a funny video with their reactions. This is the kind of action londoners can experience everyday and why we all turn our eyes to the UK when looking for inspiration in marketing and moreover in street marketing !

Candy Crush invades London

The famous game wants to think on a grand scale. To launch its new version, Candy Crush Soda Saga, they turned the Thames into a huge soda river… Its wonderful laucnh praty « Sodalicious », organised on a boat, offered a huge teddy bear in gelatine over a pink soda river, spreading into the Thames. A fun event with no real bonus but the main thing is that the action was transmitted by media.

candy crush london event street marketing

And in 2015, it’s a polar bear that’s travelling by tube

I couldn’t stop my London selection without speaking of this latest action. A sweetest one, even if I could bet you would have been afraid 😉

To promote its new TV serie, Fortitude, the channel Sky Atlantic placed a polar bear in the tube. As fake as it seems real, the bear just lead its way through the tube as anyone else.

Surprise is the word to describe this action. TV series is a field where brands (channels) are the most creative. Agencies can let their imagination go without being afraid of loosing the brand essence and what it stands for. This is more a endless domain where means are important enough to create great actions.

What’s your favourite ?



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