Tinder, the best social media marketing platform ?

Tinder is the new favourite marketing tool to reach young people. How does it work and most of all why ? What are the best ideas ? Let’s talk about it.

What is Tinder ? How does it work ?

Tinder is one of the most famous and most used dating app over the world. It reaches more than 750 millions of young. It’s the easiest way to find someone near you who is interested/attracted. Indeed, the principle is to suggest some people who can match your criteria in the exact area you are standing at the moment.


It is the trendy app of the moment. Truthful dating app ? Not really, most of the matches don’t lead to a meeting in real life but it’s flattering people’s ego. Having a match is like having a wink in the street. People find themselves more attractive. Moreover, everybody likes judging people. Just swipe left if the person isn’t your type, swipe right if it does… So easy ! That’s why youth throw themselves on Tinder. It’s so enjoyable. Some of them even do it in small group : watching the profiles, deciding who to match and who to throw away.

Why is it useful for a brand ?

As I just said (written must be the right word), Tinder is the place to be to reach your young target. It’s mostly used by 18-34 year-old men (and obviously women but they’re always less on this market). This is a magic contact point for this elusive population. We all know how young people are. They are zappers, they flirt from one thing to another, from one media to another… They’re hard to get. Tinder helps brands to reach that audience.

Other advantage, the geolocation system. I’ll show you later in this article how it can be used by brands but this is the main feature companies always try to use nowadays. The mass media and mass advertising are over. You want to be local. As Patrick Geddes said « Think global, act local« . Consumers want brands to be closer to them. We are now in an individualist world. Let’s face it…


Moreover, huge positive point, a brand doesn’t need to pay for the advertising space. It is free (maybe not for long). Brands can use Tinder as a proper media. It represents a ridiculously low price. It’s very important when you’re looking to save costs on everything (always good to say to your boss).

To finish, the app is visual and fun. As I explained in my Blowarketing article about Instagram, imagery and photos are the favourite media shared by people on the Internet. Tinder has this advantage. Everything is based on photos (agree or not), you like the person for it (or don’t of course).

Just one bad thing : your action isn’t assured to get to be seen. It is mostly random. People have to stumble upon the fake profile (only option available to build an operation on Tinder) to see the message you want them to. Nonetheless, this is a good way to show your best creative side !

The best brand marketing actions on Tinder

So now, this is time to show you who did it well and finally, there are a lot !


Lots of NGO are using social media efficiently to help their cause. Some of them have discovered Tinder. To raise awareness of youth over serious subjects, it is a good solution.

  • Against sexual traffic

The idea is always the same on Tinder : you create a fake profile. Here, they created several profiles of beautiful young women. As you match with them, you discover the other pictures. The ones with bruises and injuries. At the end, a strong message : « Sex trafficking victims have no option. You have the option to end it now ».

A campaign with a strong impact.


  • Against dogs abandonment

This one is my favourite because it’s the cutest marketing action ever. We are still talking about awareness. We all know pets abandonment is a real issue in all countries. Lots of associations take in abandoned pets. This one, Social Tees Animal Rescue, found a good way to join up people to their cause.

Once again, we have fake profiles but these are dogs. So yes, you can (in New York City) match with a dog. So as any other match on Tinder, swipe right to say yes, then you talk a bit, you meet up for a walk and after, go to the next level 😛 ! Of course not, but you have the possibility to adopt the sweet puppy. If you swipe left, an “Abandoned” label appears over its picture… So sad


What makes it a great idea ? Invading a dating app to talk about abandon and make people adopt animals is just the best idea ever. I explained it earlier but photo/image is the most affective strategy nowadays (a good picture is more valuable than any speech). There is an emotional connexion between the picture and your brain. You’re instantaneously linked to it. When it’s a lovely puppy looking at you with its eyes full of hope, how to resist ?? You can’t, obviously, and that is genius !

  • Finding missing people

I won’t describe it that long. This is a really good idea from Brasil where 100 profiles of missing people were created. It was a buzzing operation which helped to find 23 people. This was called « the blind date ». If someone swipe right, they had access to more information about the person and could provide description of the place they’ve seen him or her, using the geolocation system of the app. A good initiative.


  • For men’s health

For the Men Health’s Month, Miami Ad School created a fake profile, Nurse Nicole, who intended to look after men’s health by going back again and again over the health subject. Even when the words started rude (we all know frustrated men).


Other brands use Tinder to make some researches about their customers. The first one is Gilette which intended to know if girls are more interested in shaven men or bearded ones. It appears after some investigation (they measured the number of matches for men shaved and then, the same with the beard), shaven men are more popular. Well-groomed guys got 74% of the right swipes ! Don’t say you weren’t warned 😉


The second one is about smoking. And it is good news for young people’s health. Indeed, 2 fake profiles of the same girl were injected into Tinder’s network. All the same information but on one of the profile picture, she was smoking. The non-smoking one got twice more matches than the other. Good to know, huh ?

Fun actions

  • Beer brand helps men to dare

This action is funny and quite interesting socially. Primus, Belgian beer, noticed than men don’t have the balls to take the girls out. They just get stuck to the virtual conversation point. The brand wants them to dare ! So they created fake profiles of beautiful women. Watching their photos, the Primus message is displayed (approximately) « it’s best to take her out than have a chat on your mobile phone ». To help them go for it, the brand offered 2 beers to drink in the Bartinder (the special bar for Tinder’s dates) 😉

  • Spend Valentine’s Day with Domino’s Pizza

Easy to understand : match with the domino’s pizza profile when you’re single on Valentine’s Day and win a hot date with the pizza. The brand offered some vouchers to the poor desperate single ones. A funny way to make your brand talked about !

  • Match with the chocolate shop

The most efficient action for me, in a commercial way. They took advantage of all the benefit Tinder has. For all that, it is a very simple action. As all marketing operations I described, this one consists in creating a fake profile. Here, it’s a chocolate shop. You pass by and you find out the profile (by chance). Match with it and you get a reduction. This is the future of advertising. Most of brands intend to do that : giving personalised offers to people passing by the store. A good way to catch attention and raise the traffic, to finally sell more (you can then increase your conversion rate).


But the lack of possibility is disappointing with Tinder. You can only create a profile and pray for people to find it randomly. Anyway for those who actually find it, it is a real experience if you built up a creative action. I can’t help myself but repeating : having a (good) experience with a brand links emotionally the customer, immediately. Linking your customer to your brand turns him into a fan and an ambassador which means he will work for your image for free. All brands have to cherish these people !



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