#Bettercloser, how Eurostar celebrates its 20th birthday

20 years is far too young, don’t you think ? But talking about a company, it starts getting old. Anyway, young or not, it is a good reason to celebrate. Eurostar launched a new campaign based on what makes the brand useful to customers, that is to say : helping both side of the Channel to get closer. And this is the name of the campaign #bettercloser.

eurostar better closer 20th birthday

A campaign based on people’s mind

They asked people what is better about being closer to London, Paris or Brussels and based their communications on it. They obviously chose the funniest quotes and the most representative. Result ? A fresh, funny and emotional campaign because at least, one of the quote will talk to your true-self. It isn’t new, we can’t argue about that but it works. Indeed, when you go to a birthday party, don’t you like reading/asking people what they like about the host ? Anecdotes, that’s what we’re all looking for. Even better, for a company, it is a way to create an emotional link, even by proxy.

This new campaign isn’t only about celebrating a brand. It is about culture, about relationship. The question of being closer, discovering a new culture so close and at the same time, so far away, is what Eurostar stands for. It is not only a way to go fast to the other side of the sea but how to discover peoples’ way of life. On the whole, this birthday campaign is about celebrating real connections between people. And we can say, there is a bit of storytelling in it. When the brand asks people about stories to tell about travelling with Eurostar and then uses it in a communication plan, it is storytelling !


As Peter Dewar (director of brand language at The Cleaning / Eurostar’s agency) says : “Our concept – #bettercloser – amplifies how travellers feel about the impact of Eurostar on their lives, celebrating the cultural influences and quirks of behaviour that have been shared between the UK, France and Belgium”. He even gives examples of how we changed. My favourite : Parisians dressing more colourfully since they’ve seen how Londoners do ;-).

A digital plan

Obviously, the brand organised digital games. We can’t talk about a new campaign without a digital plan. Eurostar offered, this time again, to win a trip in London/Brussels/Paris, asking people to share their views of these cities. The question is « what is your ideal day in…« . Clients have to answer that question in an original way and add a picture. The best duet wins the prize. A not so original marketing action but it always works with Eurostar because the fans only want to travel once again. Most of them are totally keen on sharing photos, writing text, wining a trip…

brussels london eurostar 20th anniversary birthday

And a new train

The brand, also, used its birthday to unveil its new train, the e320. New design, new colours, more places and of course, faster. This new train is about to start its life on rails in 2015._49402904_eurostar27bullet-train11

In the end, this is a new campaign you will not remember all your life but when you see it, you smile and think of the brand. Just effective and emotional. Sometimes, we don’t need much more.



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