5 best concept store ideas

Concept stores are more and more used to sell products. We aren’t only talking about pop-up stores which are short-lived and most of the time selling limited editions. I am talking about all shops with a great design or theme idea. These are places where you want to go back, where the experience counts ! So here are 5 of the best concept stores I could find. May you be inspired by them 😉

Subway theme


The first one is German (BERLIN). The store CLVII (multi-brand shop) has decided to print its walls with underground maps. This decoration was set for the sneaker room. If we go through symbolism, we can think of all the streets and places you can go running with your new sneakers. But maybe this is only a great design. This store has many different atmospheres according to the products area it’s selling.


Warehouse boutique

This is another type of concept store where even the place looks temporary. Here, we’re talking about Dr Martens and it’s pop-up « warehouse store« . It’s located in London Spitafields market and was built in less than a week with recovered material. Putting the expensive shoes in a inexpensive room is a good way to highlight the products. A great showroom !


Travelling book store


This one is more an idea everybody should follow. We don’t read enough and we’re lazy when thinking about going to a book store or the library. Created for tourists in Portugal, « Tell a story » is a library on wheels : in a truck. Its aim is to show people the importance of literature in the Portuguese culture. The travelling book store enables customers to purchase famous Portuguese books by authors like Fernando Pessoa, José Luís Peixoto, Eça de Queiroz and Miguel Sousa Tavares. You can also buy some translated versions.

199075_4_800 199075_1_800

But my favourite is this tiny library, only big enough for one ! Isn’t it lovely?

Upside down store

This is my favourite idea. I love this upside down store. It is really original. You don’t know where to look. And you want to seat on the ceiling. There’s stuff  everywhere.

194147_2_800 made-in-warsaw

Designed by Smallna showcasing Risk’s Made in Warsaw collection, this strange store was located in Poland. The idea came from the brand clothes themselves because they can be turned inside out. So does the room 😉

Cafeteria design

This is the perfect design for me. Only curves, no angle. Just harmony and circles. It was created for a futuristic food court in Seoul. It is an amazing place to eat, all with colours and curving lines…

food-court-design.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.Z8DzaNguIO 204101_2_800

Tell me what you think!




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