FutureSelf : meet your future with Orange

FutureSelf is a new platform created by Orange, the telecommunication brand. Thanks to FutureSelf, you can bury yourself in the world 20 years ahead from now. What would you ask to your future ego? Whatever it is, your futureself has the answer.

With a vocal and webcam system, the project FutureSelf starts with showing you your potential face within 20 years. Let’s face it; we all hope we won’t have that face. I don’t know if It’s me but when I tried, I was horrified. Will I really change that much? Wait and see 😉 The technology used here must be the one used to model the face of missing people (even if it’s only a copy), so it must be not that far from your real face in 2030… (I’m curious, tell me if you try)

future self orange platform

Anyway, once you’ve done the first work and your future self is in front of you, the real experience begins. Take your headphone and speak to yourself (only in google chrome) and him/her will tell you whatever you want to know about the future. Of course, it is not a medium platform so don’t ask when you’ll get married or what will be your job, if you’re going to be rich or not… Let this to your horoscope. But if you want to know what are the innovations in 2034, how do people live, how do they access culture, do they still drive cars… just go ahead!

I stayed with mine for 20 minutes to be sure I avoided no subject. And to be honest, there’re lots of words the technology doesn’t know. We have to choose carefully the words to have an answer from the avatar… But I was surprised of the number of fields you could talk about : décoration, shopping, nature, transports, love, health, …. But once you’ve tried everything, there’s nothing left. I was disapointed that the avatar didn’t end the conversation. It keeps on telling you « what do you want to talk about » but you’ve already tried everything and that’s it. You’re kicking your heels… Anyway, on the whole, it is a good experience, short but interesting.

dog collar future self orange read their thought

future self orange innovation shopping try clothes directly

My favourite innovations described by my future self :

  • the dog collar to know its thought
  • the immersion in movies (far more than 3D)
  • air bubbles keeping the air sane for all of us
  • buses automatically growing according the number of people

So what’s the point?

Yes, it is fun to take the time machine for 10 minutes and talk to your futureself but why Orange did it? Nowadays, a brand can’t remain only seller. You can’t create only a business. You create a brand. And as my favourite author says « People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it » (Simon Sinek). That is to say, you have to stand for something. This is a brand you manage and not only logistics. People want sense and meaning for their purchases. You can now understand how important societal brand image is and, as a consequence, crises are, when they happen.

film immersion orange futureself

For Orange, the point is here to boost and clean-up its image to the young people. Because, we know it, Orange isn’t the funniest brand in the world and when it comes to telecommunications brands, there are lots of umbrella brands (brands with another name but it still belongs to one of the 4 historical operator) : virgin, sosh, m6 mobile… (in France). These brands target young people and they succeed. Orange has a lot of work to do to become trendy. This is a first step to show young people the brand is oriented towards future and is ready to change, move with the times.

But even if the action is directed towards young, Orange wants also to show everybody (and potential customers) it is at cutting edge of technology. Indeed, thanks to FutureSelf, Orange get the chance to share its own vision of the future, of the innovations coming, how the world is going to change… This is a huge opportunity to place the brand in a leader position in the technology friendly area.

futureself orange bus grow automatic

Have you tried FutureSelf? Do you want to? What are your feelings about it?

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