Airbnb wants to thank its super hosts

AirBnB decided to extend its services and reward its hosts. Indeed, they are its products. That’s why they need to thank them and make them feel important for the company.

airbnb hosting places worldairbnb hosting places world

Airbnb, if you don’t know it yet, is an hosting company but not the hotel type of hosting. The company helps private individuals hosting by providing them a website, a great platform to organise their hosting from contact form to planning calendar and even beautiful photos when required (sometimes, AirBnB sends photographers to take pictures of the hosts room and make it more appealing).

airbnb new logo gif

AirBnB has been growing fast for the last few years and they decided to make a real change in 2014. First of all, they changed their logo in last June. It made the whole web boiling (see this article). All people criticised the new logo, saying it was a female vagina and making fun of the company… You may think it has been a bad move for AirBnB but not at all. After all, all the influential bloggers, twittos and business men talked about it. It was the perfect advertising for the brand and what’s the point ? It’s all that simple : to put in people’s mind the new logo, to make them identify it as AirBnB’s new logo ! So here’s my point of view : they did perfectly well !

Following the re-branding, the company just announced the launch of new plan for super-hosts. Actually, we don’t know that much about it but we do know AirBnB has thought about how rewarding its hosts : they meet them, ask them what they needed, what they’d like to do better… It appears that most of the hosts who subscribed to AirBnB want to do better, to be a great hosts and make people come back to them. Surely, it’s a part of their income and they want to see it grow. Exactly as the brand 😉

airbnb reward hosting plan photos

That’s why the service company wants to give them more tools. First of all, the brand announced improvements of the back office for the hosts : better calendar, maybe sort of statistics and deeper feedback, helping hosts understand how they can improve themselves. It must have a stellar/star system to highlight the best of them and a sort pairs recognition…. All of this remains very vague but I assume, by the end of the year, we’ll welcome this new plan as a very good idea to help AirBnB standards getting higher and higher. This is, I think, the competitive advantage the brand have. With AirBnB, you can rest in beautiful rooms and meeting really nice people for who hosting is not just a job…

Have you ever try AirBnB ? How did it go for you ? Do you recommend it ?



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