Pay a full Weight Watcher’s meal with a tweet

Have you ever heard of all these concept stores and pop-up stores ? Weight Watchers, the nutrition company, created one, the Feel Good Café in Hoxton, East London. The concept ? Its name says it well. It is about eating healthily and feeling good. It offers meals for the whole day : breakfast, lunch and diner with of course, Weight Watchers products.


As you might know, the brand claims for balanced way of eating and launched lots of slimming programs. So, obviously, in this restaurant, every meal is balanced. For example, the Full English breakfast is exactly the same as everywhere else but with Weight Watchers sausage and a poached egg instead of fried. The brand intends to show people (and mostly women, let’s be clear) that it is possible eating healthy and having pleasure with it, not feeling frustrated.

The Feel Good Café succeeded bringing together sane food, choice and flavour. This action came from a statement : there’s a confusion around dieting. A study showed that over half of UK women (52 %) are unsure where to begin when starting weight loss and only one in ten (8 %) feel confident when it comes to make healthier food choices.


These women are the perfect target for Weight Watchers. And the restaurant is perfect to taste its products in real life. It helps falling down the inhibitions consumers can have before buying some of the brands products. So, as always, there’s this commercial aim behind the great initiative ! And it is an experience they will never forget (you can’t eat freely everyday) !

But the element that made it work perfectly is the payment mean. They decided to let people pay with a tweet, promoting the place, of course. This use of social media as a currency is not new but it works perfectly to create the buzz every brand is looking for. Eaters only had to tweet @wwfeelgoodcafe  (with a pix, it’s always better) and word of mouth did the rest of it 😉 


The pop-up café is a tester for the company. It considers opening more across the UK to make everyone tasting the project. Good news for all British people but I can’t help myself but asking for the same in France !




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