Best ads of early 2014

In the middle of the week, we always need a bit of fun and entertainment. So here we are! Trend’N’Com is always there for you… Here’s my selection of the best TV ads from all around the world for 2014! You’ll see emotions, fun, jokes and sometimes hope. The best of advertising within only one click 😉

Hope for kind people

This my favourite. During the whole ad, you’ll be wondering why this guy is doing those things and at the end… hope. It’s a good lesson of life being or life style which could come back to life solidarity and true kindness. This is one ad that shows you how Thailand advertising is rich and well thought. It is a bit long but it is worth it!

Beautiful words from a little girl about her mom

This one is just so cute!! We know how well it works to use children in advertising. This is the perfect example: smooth voice, sweet words, strong beliefs in her mother, talking about magic as in fairy tales… You can’t help yourself but falling for this little girl ! And to finish, it is so seldom that a bank (here Natwest) uses this emotional range to advertise. It makes it even better 😉

Horror and fun in the same ad

We rarely watch United Arab Emirates’ ad but we definitely should. This one is hilarious and scary at the same time, just to sell you more cinema tickets… This is a treasure which was shortlisted in the International Festival of Creativity in Dubai 2014.

When Axe uses emotion instead of just girls

We are used to Axe’s adverts. We know that girls run after men when they use the deodorant because the smell is irresistible and so compelling. But in this British ad, Axe changes its way to show how it works. There’s more romanticism and not only attraction. This is about soul mates and only Axe can bring back yours…

Axe Body Spray : Soulmates

Unimagination of very rich people

All lottery ads are all the same: they show you what you could have, what you could do if you win the jackpot. In this one, New York Lottery intends to show you the other side of it: you’ll have everything you’ve ever wished so there’s nothing else to ask for your birthday wish….

Coffee as best starter of the day

This is usual: a good coffee makes you start the day on the best way but could say that it’s only its flavour that make you get out of bed? This brand can… A beautiful and emotional ad with sweet music, the kind we always like.

Moccona: Wake up to something special (Australia)

When an airline thinks it’s Star Academy

This one is very funny. We wouldn’t take seriously the message of this airline (Bangkok Airways) if it was in Europe but, in Thailand, it works. The employees, first contact with clients, show how they love them, how they like helping them and seeing them everyday…

Bangkok Airways — Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You from Super Fresh Films on Vimeo.

Touching moments of waiting for being pregnant

This ad uses the emotion, the deeply emotion of women wanted to have a child so badly. This can be a bit religious but the way it is showed is really touching. Just watch and you’ll see…

Pro-life Philippines: Pro-life

Just funny as Irish always are

At the beginning, you don’t understand anything. Why is he doing so many different things? What is the point? Finally, you understand, there’s no point. Just the message of the brand: drink it and you’ll be hyperactive… This ad is entertaining, funny and the end of it is going to make you laugh, I bet on it 😉

When watching TV series with your parents sucks

HBO, American channel, has totally understood teenagers. Do they want to watch TV and even more TV series with their parents? Of course not. So, the brand decided to put teenagers into these awkward situations when your parents are embarrassing.

When every brands start using the Amazing Spiderman in their ads

Lots of brands around the world have taken advantage of the new film The Amazing Spiderman. After the French water brand Evian and its amazing baby, this is USPS and its amazing delivery.



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