10 best street marketing actions of 2013

Street marketing is always so inspiring. Some brands are really creative and they let their customer with wonderful memories. Involvement and emotion, that’s what they’re looking for. Here’s my selection of the best acts of 2013. (To know more about it, just click on the photo)

Let’s start with number 10 :  The most regressive

The brand Lego modified London tube plan in its small Lego pieces. All children just fell in love with it. The brand was celebrating its 150th anniversary and presented that way the underground evolution.


Number 9 : The most peaceful

In Ottawa, Canada, a brand of nasal strip created a strange hotel. You could sleep in a tube room with these new strips helping you breathing.


breath right hotel tube

Number 8 :The loveliest

Milka, chocolate brand organised a beautiful operation. They used a cult sentence from the french movie The Intouchables : no arm, no chocolate. So they asked people to make a chain if they wanted to obtain the chocolate stuck in a vending machine.


Number 7 : The most futuristic

SNCF (french railway brand) established some doors in Paris. Open it and you can see how life’s going in other european capitals.


Number 6 : The scariest

These operations were created for scary movies. In first one, Carrie just held a man in the air for having her coffee spilled. In the other, Chucky just get out from a bus shelter to kill people. Frightened.



Number 5 : The most nationalist

Molson Canada, a beer brand, created a great operation. They put some fridge with their products in some places. But the only way to open it was to present a canadian passport. « I’m a Canadian » is the name of this amazing campaign.


Number 4 : The craziest

The CEO of Volvo Truck put himself in danger (or not according to him) to prove the resistance and the quality of his trucks. To do this, he stayed 2 hours on the top on one of his trucks, suspended in space. (more info)

Number 3 : The sportiest

An insurance brand moved the living room of a football supporter from his home to the stadium.

Prevoir-street marketing- stadim- football-Valenciennes-supporter-3-604x453

Number 2 : The most musical

Red Bull transformed 30 rooms of the London Eye into independent night clubs. Imagine you partying in the London Eye while you’re staring at the beautiful city from 100m tall…

red bull street marketing operation london eye

red bull street marketing operation london eye

Number 1 : The cutest and the most beautiful Christmas action

Cadbury created a wonderful « unwrap joy » action. They literally wrap a full London suburban street with wrapped paper. Houses, cars, lampposts and even trees and road-signs were all cocooned in paper. When they woke up, the children all come together to frenetically and joyfully unwrap the street. Finally, a giant Cadbury snowman exploded to reveal hundreds of both traditional Cadbury chocolate bars, and a range of new products that had been launched this Christmas.  A real joyful moment !

What did you think of these operations ? Which one is your favourite ?

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