Make your own Insta-marshmallow !

After M&M’s, Evian, Coca-Cola or Nike, it’s on marshmallow you can print your face! Thanks to a new start-up, Boomf, you can now put your best instagram’s photos on marshmallow and your Christmas is going to be magical.

So now, customization and personalisation is everywhere. Brands have understood that indivuals are the most important thing. We are individuals and we need to show our personality to the world. That’s why now brands give us the possibility to create our own products: tee-shirt, mug, shoes, bottles and now marshmallow. Everything is possible and it works!

Boomf is the new arrival. They permit you to have unique and absolutely original marshmallow to roast, to dunk, and to enjoy on the top of your hot chocolate. It’s up to you. There’s nothing easier to do:

boomf marshmallow customisation

And they chose a great partner: Instagram. It’s not only about customization and commitment for the brand. The main thing is EMOTION. This is what matter. This is about memories and emotions linked to it. And a marshmallow is sweet and smooth: the company wants to show its values this way: emotion, sharing, tenderness. Everything has been thought to seduce people.

Boomf makes you feel your photos, makes you seeing it from a different point a view. You can now share the photo you like the most with the person you like the most…  In another way, you can also eat the person you hate the most (can be very enjoyable)! Giving you some ideas? I’m sure it is…

So ready to give a try? You need to know it is available worldwide and the price is quite expensive for 9 marshmallow (£12) but it’s Christmas time and sometimes, we are worth it (plus, it’s free shipping!).

boomf marshmallow customisation

boomf marshmallow customisation

boomf marshmallow customisation instagram


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