Jack The Ripper is back to tell his story!

Since the end of August, The History Press brought back from the dead Jack The Ripper, the well-known murderer of Victorian London. But, in agreement with our digital age, it’s on twitter that the murderer is telling his side of the story via his account @WChapelRealTime… I’ve always been strangely attracted by this kind of case. As everybody, I suppose. It’s our sort of sadistic human side. That’s why, when I heard about that new campaign, I had to tell you about! Because nobody should miss it out!

jack the ripper

The Publisher Group, The History Press, decided to celebrate the 125th birthday of this frightening case. People are still intrigued and passionate about unsolved cases and the advantage with Jack The Ripper is the lack of fear (he must be dead, so obviously, he can’t kill you anymore). And what’s the best way to talk about it? Living again the atmosphere of this Victorian London in the 1880’s and experience every single event, like you were a part of it.

To achieve this, the firm resuscitated Jack The Ripper and gave him the opportunity to speak thanks to social media. They created the twitter account @WChapelRealTime in the end of august. Since then, followers can go through again that mysterious case from the beginning. Not only The Ripper can speak. There’re policemen, witnesses, even victims. Everybody can talk and you can experience it like you were there. Between « crime recap » and statements for inhabitants, you can live it for real!

The strand London Victorian

Moreover, it’s not a fiction at all. The History Press took time to make researches and communicates only on real facts. They informed themselves on victims, testimonies and police reports. Everything is gathered to recreate the feeling, the emotions, and the mystery inhabitants experienced. With photos to illustrate its statements, the firm can involve all the followers.

The choice of this case is perfect (and much better than World Wars because of its mystery and unsolved status). Jack The Ripper is famous and known all around the world. There’re still a lots of « Ripperologists » working on the facts and evidences to find the culprit. But there are as many theories as people working on the case and nobody found the answer. That’s why people are always so passionate about those crimes. Anybody visiting London thinks about Jack The Ripper, wandering around Brick Lane or, of course, White Chapel. And I can tell you from experience, even 125 years after, when you go through these streets by night, you still can feel the strange atmosphere. Don’t go alone 😉

jack the ripper

But apart from an advertising campaign, The History Press aim is to “challenge contemporary stereotypes and provoke debate on key issues such as social divisions and press sensationalism”. Not only a buzz action though.

What do you think of this campaign? Would you follow Jack The Ripper on Twitter? Do you think you can reveal his identity? Tell me more!



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