Crazy ads from all around the world

On saturdays, we just need entertainment and funny things to see. That’s why I searched for funny ads from he last 3 years around the world and I chose the best ones!

I begin with my favourite one. I’m not really happy of the brand I chose because it’s a multinational brand and I don’t like their products at all. But I have to admit that their ads are just wonderful. This one is so emotional . It nearly made me cry at the end. It’s the kind of thing we should watch in the morning to believe again in humans 😉 I let you see by yourself :

This one is Bresilian. It’s for my friends who are still seeking a job… or for all people still using the same excuse not to go to school, to work or even to see friends. Please let your grandmother rest in peace!! Really hilarious :

The next one is swedish and really funny. Of course, if I tell you about Sweden, you’re thinking about… IKEA. And you’re right! The advertisement is a little bit rude and you can understand why your parents are still waiting for you to leave the house. And, for the brand, the message is « it’s time for you to go to Ikea »! This video is not for children so please, beware!

You may have already seen the next one. It’s just how japanese see advertisement. It’s all about good deals and how it makes you happy. So happy that… you can’t blame people for causing you pain, after that….but it’s all done with japanese point of view! Totally bonkers.[I love you japan]

The next one is thai. Do you really think you want THIS girl? With these new products, they are now all the same… That is to say, with cosmetics, we (girls) can be beautiful and attractive. I don’t know if I subscribe to this point of view but the final statement made me laugh a lot! (to see it with subtitles it’s here)

As a bonus, I give you 2 more video links. The first one is japanese (again) and I told you about in an old article . The ad shows you that a girl without make up can scare off a dog. And all that scene to sell sushi… Yes, japanese culture is a mystery to me. Here is the link. The last one is from South Africa and it’s gonna make laugh all boys around here. The scenario is about guys in a bar, transforming it into an office just because their wives are coming! What’s the product? Beer of course! Really funny. Here’s the link!

Which one did you prefer? Do you know an ad from another country which made you laugh? Please, feel free to share it with us!



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