It’s blue, what else matters ?

Today is a match day… and more, a Final day… and even more a victory day.
Which I hope, will be a BLUE one!

Final : match of the day

Final : match of the day

People who know me, know how much I’m passionate about football, about english football and particularly, how much I’m passionate about the Chelsea Football Club.
That’s why on this day of the Europa League Final, I couldn’t resist the temptation to talk about my club!

But don’t worry, I’ll stay focused on the subject of our website, on communication.
I’d like to talk about the new kit launch.

2012/2013 Home kit

2012/2013 Home kit

The end of a season, is the moment for each football club to present their next kit.
Chelsea and Adidas its equipment supplier, are no exception to the rule. That’s why they launched several weeks ago, a new marketing campaign to promote the next kit.

But how to promote the kit at the same time than the other clubs without being distinguished?
Adidas found the solution : the best one!

The brand has build a really good campaign with three ingredients : the Blue color, which is the official color of the club ; surprise, keeping secret the new kit, and passion with the players totally invested in the campaign…
Three key-words which perfectly summarize the club, the team!

To catch attention, the brand has decided to organize a complete ad campaign without showing the kit.
The idea is just to use the power of the club and the loyalty of their fans, who’ll buy the kit without seeing it.

So you’re surely thinking, what to replace it? Paint ! Just blue paint.

Blue is the colour!

Blue is the colour!

Blue is the colour of the club, the leading element and that’s why, for sure, the future shirt will be blue, like all the former ones.
And so, Adidas has made a video where the players have their body totally painted in blue, using « it’s blue, what else matters » as a baseline.
Great idea, isn’t it?

It's blue, what else matters?

It’s blue, what else matters?

Moreover, in addition of this focus on the colour, Adidas shows on this video the power of the club, the strength of the players and the power of the faith in the game, which strengthens the importance of the sport, of the game rather than the aesthetic form of the shirt.
No matter what happen, we know Adidas will do a great job and will present a nice kit.

So now, it’s maybe time to stop speaking (or rather writing) and time to show the video.

And because passion never stops, I couldn’t resist to show you the making-of of the recording.

Now, just before concluding and, to all of you who don’t have pre-ordered their kit yet, here’s the link!

Now it only remains for me to wish you a good match. And never forget, BLUE IS THE COLOUR !

Article by Alexia




Une réflexion sur “It’s blue, what else matters ?

  1. Si le bleu à de l’importance, moi ce qui me vient à l’esprit c’est « I’m Blue (da ba dee) » le TUBE de Effeil 65
    « Blue are the people here that walk around
    Blue like my Corvette it’s standing outside
    Blue are the words I say and what I think
    Blue are the feelings that live inside me »

    … ou alors le bleu le fromage 😉 ! [Le truc qui n’a rien à voir !]

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