Russians surprised to have to speak english in their favourite coffee shop!

In Russia, Shakespeare’s language is spoken by only 10% of the population. Admittedly, we, French people, can’t deny either our bad level in foreign languages. So, let’s be indulgent! This review had been done by the Russian government but a language school took hold of it. Easy, don’t you think? But it’s the ambient marketing action they built thereafter which is interesting.

As today is my day (you can check on calendar), I needed to speak English with all of you. What a best way to do it than about an English school? This school, based in Russia, decided to put English where Russians couldn’t run away from it, as is to say in their favourite coffee shop. The agency translated all Russian messages and communications into English, changed menus, posters, even price tags. And to give Russian clients the impression they were in a real English coffee shop, the waiters became English teachers.

ambient marketing talisman english teachers russia

I’m sure each girl of this website would have been so happy to enter her coffee shop and see waiters speaking English! But Russians were lost. They didn’t know how to order what they wanted. They turned into Italian people by showing with their hands. The teachers or waiters (as you wish) helped them saying what they wanted with pedagogy and kindness.

With this marketing action, most of the people became aware of their language problems. As the school offered to all customers a free English class and of course, after that, offered an enrolment into a full English program (we never forget, business is business!), a lot of Russians accepted to take some lessons and improve their English.

This is a perfect ambient marketing action which gets into the world of the target. They used customers’ proper environment to create a new situation and make them realise they needed their product. It’s not an aggressive way to sell but an experiential way. What else do you need??

Here’s the video they made of the action:

And you, how would you have reacted? Do you think it’s a good idea?




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