Just another publicity stunt or end of an old tradition?

Most of you know (I’m sure!) the famous page three of the English tabloid, The Sun.
For those of you just thinking they’ve never seen or read this page, they’ll change their mind when I’ll have remind you what it refers…

For more 40 years, the daily English newspaper publishes a picture of a different topless model every day. Every morning, The Sun’s readers can discover a new face …. but especially a new BODY !

page  3 pic the Sun

And even if after all this time we could think this page was just became a routine, that english readers just paid little attention, it was wrong! This famous page is for a long time a controversial topic in the society. In one side, there’s an affluent readership for whom this page is a real part of the newspaper, and in the other side there’re the opponents, decrying a sexist image, an objectification of women.

But this question is not new, and has already known a removal in 1999. But because it dropped sales too much, The Sun’s board of director published it again. This page is a real business for the tabloid with an important marketing impact.

So why the rumour of a new removal is again on the front-page news this week ?
Is it an another publicity stunt from the daily newspaper to use this opposition ? Or rather the strength of the opposition going up ?

If this question cames up, is because of a tweet has sent to Rupert Murdoch, owner of the newspaper. The Australian businessman was questioned again by a reader, shocked by the image of the page. Rupert Murdoch answering he was reflecting about the future of this page.

The Sun buzz page 3

To date, the tabloïd’s managers didn’t really paid attention to the opponents and their claims, saying they had their proper conditions to choose girls, and showing the impact of their marketing. Indeed, the daily newspaper has always argued the excitement from the girls applying to, with more than hundreds participants. But the newspaper has also justified its choices, saying the cast was only made with 100% natural girls with a “normal” body mass, and not with an anorexic appearance.
In addition, the newspaper also regularly publishes individual testimonies of girls who confirm that the publications “changed their life”.
But one of the most important marketing tools also used, is the election of the “pin-up of the year.” People choosing their favourite girl appeared in the tabloid.

But all these arguments are not enough to convince and stop the controversy. Actions against this kind of publications are more and more important, as well as the support. Opposition groups are made, supported by petitions signed by about 50 parliamentarians and street actions in supermarkets, in the subway or at the doors of the newspaper’s head office. One of the massive associations known is « Turn your back on page3 » with its strong actions. Turn your back on page 3

They really want to attract public attention, showing the way that media uses the image of girls compared to the image of men. They want to mobilize public not just to remove the page three but all these sort of publications.

And you, what’s your opinion ? Do you pay attention to these kind of publications? Do you think it’s so last century or are you agree with this sort of marketing applications?
If you don’t have any opinion, make sure you’ve seen the video clicking on the link of « Turn your back on page3 »…

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