How to go from Milan to Tokyo in one second?

LA STAZIONE MOSCOVA DELLA LINEA 2 TRASFORMATA IN UNA FERMATA DELTokyo is one of the most attractive cities in the world. Fastweb, an Italian telecomunications’ supplier, decided, in the end of last January, to illustrate its new optical fibre speed by moving the Milanese to Tokyo. Literally!

How? It’s easy! They totally decorated one of the Milan underground station as a Tokyo‘s one. Thus, the Moscova station became the new Shibuya Station with all Japanese features. Business men, kawaii, geishas and students, all dressed in Japanese fashion, were hired to play their part in this event. All the direction indications were changed in Japanese characters. There were huge posters with mangas all over the station! And of course, maps of the Tokyo « Metro » replaced the Milan ones. It was like you’d just moved to Tokyo.

To make it work, as a real marketing event, the plan had to be perfect! That means a whole digital package. People could take pictures with all the dressed-up actors and just share it on their facebook page or twitter account with the special hashtag #fastline. Videos were filmed to be released on Youtube and on their dedicated website: Immagina Puoi. This website is more a showcase of the event than a real interactive product. But you can see how the station looked like before and after modifications just by sliding your mouse to the left. Most important thing, how people could know why their station had changed so much? Simply by flashing one of the QR codes all over the place.

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working man, metro, tokyo, japan

This is a successful street marketing action which drowns you from Italy to Japan without travelling and gives you an unforgettable experience. That’s all we ask for in street marketing!

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